Pulp Free Graphic DesignsThe card-carrying, unabashedly-spawned design identity of Stephanie Schairer

We take our vodka straight, coffee black, steaks rare, and Helvetica bold.

PULP FREE Graphic Designs is that chartreuse-coloured plastic sifter your proverbial sandbox has been missing.  We cut through the nitty gritty and get to the essentials you and your clients need to get your dirty lil’ hands on.

Armed with a weaponry of fine art theory, sass, and quick wit in combination with her passion for marketing and design, PULP FREE’s founder Stephanie Schairer ensures all details are meticulously explored for each project, whether it be a single event poster or extended duration campaign, ensuring top shelf selection every time.

Stephanie resides in the bustling metropolis of Guelph, Ontario, is in an open relationship with coffee, but fancies heavily-garnished caesars, Siamese cats, and brightly-coloured spandex.  When she’s not getting paid to draw all day, she’s probably at the gym lifting heavier weights than you are.

  • A huge help in the styling of our designs!
    -Fast service, amazing art, and always willing to help!-

    Jim Hare, The Nasties ~ www.facebook.com/TheNasties
  • Stylish & elegant pieces with modern edge!
    -A multi-faceted graphic designer-

    Stephanie Mus ~ Marketing & Client Services
  • Goes above & beyond the task at hand with
    her attention to time & detail
    -She's also nice to look at-

    Ajay Massey, Marcellus Wallace ~ marcelluswallacemusic.com
  • Vast understanding of clean designs & successful marketing!
    -Exactly what I had hoped for-

    Marilyn Aston, Owner ~ astonanimalcare.com
  • I was in the loop during the entire process and they met my needs & vision as a client
    -An incredibly professional and detail oriented business-

    Elyse Wellhauser, Owner ~ Wellhouse Nutrition